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Working with private and public entities throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states, Williams Site Civil (WSC) is uniquely positioned to provide a distinct, value-driven approach to the services we offer. Our seasoned, professional staff brings a broad spectrum of experience to each project. Additionally, using our direct relationships with A.P. Williams, Mainline Excavating and Williams Development Partners, WSC is able to incorporate their considerable and diverse expertise into our services, thus maximizing each project’s potential.

We provide expert, comprehensive civil engineering services based upon a foundation of knowledge, integrity, and field experience while delivering value at every opportunity. We work with public and private developers throughout Pennsylvania to design sites for commercial, industrial, institutional, residential and recreational use.

WSC’s goal, whether acting as part of a design/build team or providing standalone services, is to deliver value to each project we touch, and to make a significant contribution to our client’s success. Our philosophy is simple-combine civil engineering expertise with construction know-how to provide superior designs.

Civil Engineering Services

  • Property evaluation & optimization
  • Zoning analysis
  • Conceptual planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Surveying
  • Land planning
  • Land use entitlements procurement
  • Stormwater management
  • Utility investigations
  • ADA accessibility & compliance
  • Traffic engineering
  • Regulatory coordination
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering

We Engineer Savings

In construction, the greatest cost savings begin before the lot is selected. Our decades of experience with civil engineering, site work and construction have provided us with the insight needed to value engineer each project to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their investment.

WSC continues to add value throughout the entitlement process by considering costs in all aspects of design. Where possible, grading deigns achieve balanced conditions, utility runs are minimized, and efficient stormwater facility layouts are utilized. Developers are under increased pressure in today’s business environment to establish and maintain tight project budgets.

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Lump-sum Cost Approach

WSC takes the guesswork out of civil engineering budgeting by providing lump sum engineering fees and minimizing budget increases.

Our team has a unique appreciation of the budget challenges that developers often encounter. We know clients get tired of receiving bills for additional work that produces no value. Other civil engineering firms charge extra for every small change. Over time, the change orders stack up.

Identification of engineering costs early in the development process can often be a key component in the establishment and maintenance of that budget. By providing our services on a lump sum basis, WSC acknowledges our potential impact on the financial viability of a project. With our lump sum costing approach, we include items such as meetings and plan revisions which are typically billed on an hourly basis by other firms. By avoiding hourly phases of work, we endeavor to eliminate a frequent cause of engineering cost overruns that often plague projects.

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